Sunday, June 7, 2009

broken webs as i walk thru the wilderness
a fire in the sky and an the ocean in my heart
always remember our web
so tender, it tore apart

we shared hands and heart and all between
we flickered under toe
magnetic stars
time void

we walked thru shadows with smokes
and smile in mind of hazy pictures perfect
soft and defined
broken together in a mosaic of nights

now alone in mornings china blue
light is shed when i think of you

you were the sun warming my back
before i saw you clear
a tideland when faith was out of sight

you were hope spacious and yellow
as summer in a golden church
in the soundless hours of night
you saved me

shook me from my slumber and i happily
for you

now you gone
but there was no death
the fragrance of love
with no regret

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