Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mind Bubbles and Explosions

We live by the label
The forgotten fable
Got lost circling
The round table

Lets get into the groves
Not to predict the moods
of after hours
follow it thru road blocks

in a roaring mustang and
ignoring the smoking ban

lets draw naked words from tongues
cast ego aside to flotsam with pride

Lets do the Can-Can up &
down vacant doorways
celebrating unemployment and
personal enjoyment of

waking at noon and writing lunacy smoke and neons
singing to the neighbors thru the bedroom walls
act on the whim when he calls
enjoy the short falls

tell your boss to shove it up his ass
victory is sweet but quick to pass

(a secret destiny is born from taking charge, have faith and save yourself, take you off the shelf, become the whirling dervish into the lust and life. flower the secret child, let her mingle with hallow butterflies far from senor sighs. bust out hot itchy bubbles of thought lebricons making mind explosions again...)

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