Friday, July 10, 2009

Brown sugar soul dissipates
spirits at the bottom of every glass
along the bar

salty residue of shucks and soul
watch fragments sparkle and
face eliminate over
thin quivering flames -

let all the candles burn down with cigarettes...

breathing powder
talk louder
always enough is
never more

until the flames dim with dawn light
all hours and glasses emptied
all's left is husk moons for faces
pallid retreat
to their bed havens - sheets for safety from
mindful shrills and the nights deluded thrills.

where freedom from
and freedom be
in self

spaces between connecting the dots
across the lines of the minds fields
of the world.

time jumps like a broken typewriter but
thoughts stay lucid and seeping and stuck in
the same time - clogged.

Loneliness roams across the continent like foghorns
over still oily waters
beautiful silent explosions of dreams
mushrooms bombs and fireworks
shatters in dessert dark

bring colour and feeling to the tips
light the edge

Write your name in the dark...

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