Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovers ricochet thru the cold liquid nights
until flames dim with dawn light
all hearts are open and wait to be filled
I see it like sunshine on snow

residue of shucks and soul fragments sparkling
bring colour to the tips
light the edge
illuminate love in dessert dark

called for him so i may anchor in his name and
rest beneath his chin
freedom is in Love
the beat of life beneath my ear

but you cant always count on time
So forever with Love
encompas to find your way

roaming serpentine routes chasing fruits
down inner city lines after mystery and magic
hunting down ghosts or hoping to give life to new fantasy

sole steps away from soul away from hole when there is no freedom or
Love keep the door cracked to let the sun light into the room and
keep faith even if blind
write your name in the dark

to have visions that shoot blind from heart and
spark silent mushroom bomb explosions of dreams
that shoot comet tails leaving you filled and
making Ouroboros in the sky
to allow it to rise free to enter or to go to

Love and let love
the copulating rhythm of life is to
Love free at all cost...


  1. love is golden in whatever form.nice poem.

  2. no looking back, no looking behind: hold on heart and don't let it go!